On a journey of discovery into the world of pleasure, Afrodite was born. Afrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty ordains this set of cookware with a sensual design.
Afrodite transports the emotional aspects of a couple into the process of cooking, in order to create an intimate and seductive atmosphere for a dinner for two.

Recipes based on aphrodisiac ingredients, hints of love potions.
These can be prepared in a range of cookware designed to interact with each other by mixing flavours and embellishing aphrodisiac dishes with the use of Afrodite jug (pot), Afrodite pan (skillet) and Afrodite spoon (a small saucepan for creamy sauces and desserts).
Special gloves for the kitchen for both him and her and an oven glove containing a secret pocket to hold little love notes.
Using these promote the act of serving your partner, during the preparation of aphrodisiac recipes and for savouring flavours directly from the containers of Afrodite with the help of Mr Fork and Miss Spoon.

Containers in die-cast aluminum in combination with bakelite handles.

Client: TVS Spa

Year: 2012

Designed with: Cara Judd, Benedetta Leonardi

Photo Credits: Gennady Martynov, Federico Nava

Gennaio 14, 2020