Tasting Cognac is an extraordinary experience that involves and awakens our senses.
Synesthésie focuses on the sense of smell, in order to play upon the diversity and richness of the aromas that make up VSOP.

Synesthésie is a brass container that placed like a jewel on top of the glass, allows ingredients such as ginger, fruits or flowers to accompany the tasting experience.
The scents emanated from this ball blend with those of the cognac; different choices of ingredients can be used to showcase its various facets.

The “mix” is not visible either tangible. It’s an experience that can be lived only by sipping Cognac in a precious moment when taste and smell are combined together.
A synesthesia that enhances the unique and pure aromas that naturally belong to Cognac itself.

Client: Rémy Martin

Year: 2014, ECAL

Photo Credits: Axel Crettenand, Monica Albini

Gennaio 14, 2020