Inspired by the contrast and similarities of human beings, each person is diverse but at the same time we all form a united species with our own characteristics, shapes and sizes.
Besides appearance we differ by how we behave, how we dress and our personalities.
For example, how we dress is an expression of how we feel and who we are.

Personalities is family of vases similar in their shape but each one is dressed according to its own personality by using different materials, finishes and textures.

The family consists of 6 vases similar and minimal in their shape where the use and combination of different textures and materials emphasize the idea of contrast.

Glass + Concrete
Ceramic + Cork
Ceramic + Aluminium
Raku + Wood
Porcelain + Wood
Ceramic + Soft brick

Workshop: Ceramic and glass workshop at the Domaine de Boisbuchet (FR), in collaboration with the Corning Museum of Glass (NY), based on the theme “Contrast”.

Year: 2012

Photo Credits: Fernando Laposse, Monica Albini

Gennaio 14, 2020