Timeless Harcourt

Baccarat is the French luxury brand of prestige and excellence, recognized all over the world as the ambassador of the French life style.
With its iconic values, the Harcourt glass is the perfect expression of Baccarat know how, an emblematic and timeless object of luxury and desire.
A project directely inspired by it, by Baccarat visual, tangible and untangible values, by its heritage and timeless classic piece.

Timeless Harcourt embodies the desire of perpetuating the celebration of the Harcourt glass’ importance not only through glasses but also in a caraffe stopper to make the iconic shape outstanding on the table.
The Harcourt glass becomes part of the Baccarat Dyonisos caraffe, enriching it with its luxurious, iconic and timeless values.

The crystal is dressed in the perfectely mastered Baccarat red, the precious colour that symbolizes desire, prestige and nobilty.

Client: Baccarat

Year: 2014, ECAL

Photo Credits: Axel Crettenand, Monica Albini

Gennaio 14, 2020